Our range of modern dentures

Ultra-Suction Dentures

A newly developed denture which is kept in place through suction, providing a tighter and more secure fit without the need for sticky adhesives.

These dentures are often made smaller and more discreet than conventional dentures, and there is not always a need to cover the palate ensuring improved comfort, stability and sense of taste when eating.

Ultra-Suction Dentures are not just for the elderly but also for younger people needing to wear a full denture due to periodontal disease, accident or illness, thus restoring confidence once again.

Enigma Dentures

Enigma Dentures

An EnigmaLife Denture enables full denture wearers both young and old to feel confident and look great by wearing one of the most lifelike dentures available today. Suitable for patients requiring both upper and/or lower dentures.

With 16 shades of tooth and multiple gum tones this denture replicates your natural look to compliment age and gender, providing superior strength and durability.

EnigmaLife Dentures have been inspired by life and designed for living!!

Flexi Dentures

Valplast Flexi Dentures are best suited for patients of all ages who require the replacement of several teeth but not all their teeth, or for patients who are unable to wear conventional acrylic dentures due to irregularities in the shape of their mouth.

Flexi Dentures work by flexing into position, while not necessarily covering the palate, providing increased retention without the need for unsightly metal clasps or adhesive. Because it flexes with the natural movement of your mouth this Valplast denture is one of the easiest dentures to adjust to and you won’t have to worry about the denture falling out when you’re eating or becoming loose when talking and your speech will remain clear.

The hypo-allergenic material is transparent, light weight and durable and therefore blends in naturally with the gums giving a virtually invisible appearance.

VAlplast dentures

Chromo-Cobalt Denture

The cast metal chrome dentures are made from Vitallium, a lighter and extremely fracture resistant material best known for strength and durability, and are suitable as a full or a partial denture. They allow more of the patient’s mouth to be more exposed allowing a greater sense of taste when eating. The Chromo-Cobalt Denture is ideal for those who are allergic to acrylic.

Chromo-Cobalt Denture

Bio Denplast Denture

Bio-Dentaplast is a metal free denture, similar in appearance to the Chromo-Cobalt denture and a perfect choice for allergy-conscious patients (if suitable). It is light weight, slightly flexible and has clasps which are tooth coloured and therefore less noticeable against the tooth. Suitable for patients requiring the replacement of several teeth only. Again offering an improved sense of taste when eating as the palate is not fully covered.

Bio Denplast Denture

Custom Made Mouth Guards

To reduce or prevent damage from a direct or indirect blow during sports activity, custom-made mouth guards are an essential part of an athlete's kit and are often compulsory in many sports organisations to prevent injury. A mouth guard will be made within 3 days to ensure a perfect fit and can be made in a variety of colours to suit.

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